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Hi! I am Aviv Poplingher, a 21-year old recent graduate based in the United Kingdom, welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit my site & work. Passionate and obsessed with cameras and the industry, since the first moment I was able to learn more about what I can do, my desire to tell stories and capture a moment in the best way possible has been an ever-growing passion and haven't stopped since. This website is the centre of all my progress and recent work over the years and will continue to improve and add more as I am developing my skills, while look into breaking into the industry. 


I have experience in creating high-quality videography and photography content from advertising, film, commercials to documentary style, I’ve done it all and everything in between because I’m passionate about making striking content, wherever it’s intended to be consumed. 

My mission is to push the limit of creativity and ideas by creating unique, impactful, and refreshing content alongside your vision.

Always looking forward to be doing something new I am always open to work and collaborations. For any projects or more information feel free to contact me at any time!


Moving to the UK 7 years ago, I was able to realise how much I love the work I do and that I was to pursue it to the highest of standards I can create & achieve. I always look into portraying any subjects in a unique style and bring a mood and a story through the colours I create and through videos. Always aiming to share an impactful narrative or story whether that's a film or documentary style. The best presentation of one's business subjects or story is always my focus and aims to provide exposure to unique individuals.

I like to create all varieties of work and never limit myself to one style / type, I can always accommodate to a clients requirements or creatively create something new. My portfolio consists of action style photography and video pieces along with motorsports, modelling / urban or regular street photography or representing a company or charity, always up to tackle a challenge and push my work and skills to new levels. I aim to pursue a long future into telling impactful stories and sharing awareness through videos and photography and editing.


Graduated Sep 2018 — Jul 2021

BA (HONS) Film and Television Production, Edge Hill University, Ormskirk Classification - 1st Class

Awards & Nominations:

Apr 2021 — Aug 2021 Covid Basic Awareness Production Training, Edge Hill Univeristy

Dec 2020 — Apr 2021 Certificate of Participation of the selection Comitee, Alexandria Film Festival

Nov 2020 — Apr 2021 Student Team Award Commended 2021, Edge Hill Univeristy

Sep 2020 — Apr 2021 Department of the Year 2021, Edge Hill University

Nov 2018 — Apr 2019 Silver Arts Award, Lvl 2 Awards in Arts, Trinity College London

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